In our efforts to support young artists and new work, we need some support ourselves! If you are able to contribute any of the following items, please contact us by email at accratheatreworkshop@gmail.com


ATW Extension/Terra Alta Black Box

Our new home at Dzorwulu is a 150 seat black box theatre  designed by Sutherland & Sutherland Architects with an aerial riggable roof,  sound locked main space, and AV capabilities. We are still missing the following in terms of infrastructure to fully complete the space:

- Aerial Riggable Roof 40' by 40' (GHS63,144)

- Glass/aluminium folding doors 18'x40', double glazed, two sets USD25,000

- Three phase power and wiring (GHS24,000)

The building will be safe to use once the roof has been put in place. There is already single phase power on site, but we have to rent a generator plant if we need to use any heavy sound or light equipment. The glass doors are to provide a total soundlock to remove the noise of the main road that runs alongside the site, and also enable the space to be used to make recordings or to film.

We have been working outdoors on the site for about five years,  and so we have a basic PA system, 8 LED stage lights, and microphones which we use for events. However, the new theatre space also requires the following professional equipment:

- Acoustic drapes 40'by 18', four sets

- Video projectors with HDMI input

- Video matrix switcher

- Standing piano

- Stage lights

- Light board or light mixer

- Outdoor Projection Screen & Stand, any size

- Photo+Video Equipment (DSLR with 4K capability, tripod etc)

- PA System that can handle a small choir, five piece band, or a musical

We can send you a more detailed/technical wish list if you would like.

If you would like to donate equipment to the project, please email us at accratheatreworkshop@gmail.com or send us a note using the 'Contact' form.