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Birmingham 2022 Festival Presents​


 Date : Friday 17th & Saturday 18th June 2022

Location : JCLU Spintex (GH) & Bear Bookshop, Bearwood (UK)


"Where Are You?" will be performed at the J-CLU School of Arts at 21 Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana. Below is the google map link to the School. 

For more information, call +233 20 075 8088.

J-CLU is Accra’s first kids school of arts offering music (general music classes, voice, piano, guitar, drums) dance (creative movement, ballet, and hip-hop), theater, art, swimming, book club and other fun lessons to children of different ages and abilities. We offer regular termly activities during the school year (afterschool and weekends) and provide holiday and vacation activities for children (ages 3 -15) in a wholesome and family friendly environment.


 At J-CLU our goal is to help produce the next generation of  innovators, entrepreneurs and artistic creators by instilling in our students the desire to be true to themselves, the passion to be creative, the ability to think out of the box and the willingness to push their limits. Our kids develop creativity , critical thinking, self-confidence and mental agility as they embrace the expressive arts.

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J-CLU is located on the Spintex Road in Accra, Ghana. For more information, call +233 20 075 8088.


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Where Are You?


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