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Dreamscape Previews

Jamal Shaibu & Emelia Asiedu in 'Dreamscape'.

Jamal Shaibu & Emelia Asiedu in ‘Dreamscape’.

Why do we have the courage to do things in our dreams, that we don’t have to do when we’re awake?

Dreamscape is a multimedia piece that explores this concept, bringing together different forms of performance and expression.

In the piece, Little Warrior, our protagonist, has to navigate four worlds that hang in the balance between sleep and waking. The preview taking place on Wednesday 25th June 2014 will take the audience through two of those worlds, exploring concepts of afrofuturism and identity through movement, sound, and spectacle.

The first world, Dreamscape, is an expression of modern escapism and a criticism of the established order which accepts wholesale the social constructs impressed on us. This world is anchored in dance, and in ritualized movement.

The second world, Monsters, is a visceral study in the human reaction to fear, and a deconstruction of the term “fight or flight”. This world employs puppets and stage combat.

Overall, these two worlds serve as a commentary on how we as human beings can allow situations, internal or external, to hold us back from our full potential.

The performance will be followed by a talkback from director Emelia Asiedu & creator Elisabeth Efua Sutherland.

See Facebook for more pictures & details.

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