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Sui Generis

Sui Generis

Sui Generis

July 25 GHC15 7pm Nubuke Foundation

Sui Generis hallucinates a retro futuristic Accra, a daydream leaving many possibilities open; or a nightmare floating without the steady reassurance of a storyline, or a mission.

This performance is a sensory experience that is a snapshot of the future, a proposition, a portal of sorts that serves as a connection between past, present and future.

The questions are posed: how does our response to today’s peculiar electrical challenges embodied in the dumsor crisis and the Agbobloshie e-waste dump, impact where we will end up as a people in the decades to come? Why do we face the same challenges (flooding, cholera outbreaks, corruption) year in and year out? Where are we leading ourselves?

Sui Generis means “of its own kind or class”. Fans of Dreamscape will enjoy this experimental dance piece from ATW’s Artistic Director and resident choreographer Elisabeth Efua Sutherland (past: Morgue, Dreamscape, Dwennimmen).

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Foundation For Contemporary Art,Ghana whose office was damaged in the rains last month.

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