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The New Year at ATW

James Brown, Bridget Cudjoe & Jamal Shaibu in "Stereo Love" by Emmanuel Deegbe

James Brown, Bridget Cudjoe & Jamal Shaibu in “Stereo Love” by Emmanuel Deegbe

2014 has been busy for us so far at ATW.

We’ve officially moved locations from our Tesano office to the cafe at Nubuke Foundation. We now manage the cafe which serves innovative light/Ghanaian fusion dishes such as an aponkye burger (goat meat, spices, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese) and more traditional snack fare like fried yam and chicken. The cafe stocks drinks from Wanjo Foods (bissap, ginger, lemonade) and Upcountry Coffee Company.

This year, we’ve featured content from George Amponsah, a UK-based Ghanaian director. The screening of his 2008 “The Fighting Spirit” officially opened our cafe space.

"The Fighting Spirit" shows at the Nu Cafe.

“The Fighting Spirit” shows at the Nu Cafe.

We closed Valentine’s day weekend with a romantic comedy by Emmanuel Deegbe titled “Stereo Love”.

Check out our FB page for more on what we’ve been up to and for details on upcoming events:

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